Brukus Saddlebag Secure Video Review

The saddlebags on Harley Davidson motorcycles are very easy to remove with the factory supplied fasteners. While this is great for easy removal for cleaning the bike it’s great for thieves also. In less than 30 seconds both bags can be stolen with a simple screwdriver even if the bags are locked. The cost to replace them can be close to $700 and that doesn’t include replacing whats inside them. These inexpensive kits from Brukus Motorcycle Parts will pretty much assure thieves pass on your bike to an easier target. Once these are installed if the bags are locked it would be necessary to damage the bags to steal them making them invaluable for resale for thieves.

Harley Saddlebags

Harley Saddlebags

I installed these on my Electra Glide Classic and I found the quality of them fantastic and the customer service was on the money. I had a couple questions on them before ordering and the responses to my email questions were fast, friendly, and informative.

The quality of the bolts was better than I expected and shipping was very fast.

Watch the above video to see how easy it is to install them and the rugged quality.





VALUE: 5stars

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