LeAnn Rimes Concert Review At Spiedie Fest Binghamton NY August 2013


LeAnn Rimes Sings

LeAnn Rimes sings her heart out

The Spiedie Fest in  Binghamton NY started in 1984 as a competition to see who had the best Spiedies (chunks of marinated meat skewered and cooked) and evolved into a large scale event and Balloon Rally featuring over 30 Hot Air Balloons.

For 2013 they scheduled country music star LeAnn Rimes to perform at the event and the turnout was fantastic. LeAnn looked comfortable and relaxed and boy can she sing. Barefoot and her hair up LeAnn made herself right at home and was humble and as down to earth as can be.  I was very impressed with how LeAnn seemed to be enjoying herself as much as the crowd was enjoying her. She genuinely looked like there wasn’t anything else she would rather be doing on a gorgeous summer evening then being on that stage. That’s the sign of a true professional. Don’t think it isn’t work singing the same songs night after night and working that stage. LeAnn gave 150% and the fans were treated to a truly great show.


LeAnn puts her hair up

LeAnn puts her hair up

LeAnn sang her hits like “Blue” and “How Do I Live”. She also did covers of many well known songs like Elton Johns “Rocket Man” and Janis Joplin “Summertime”. She gave a full 90+ minute show unlike a few other concerts I have been to that the trend seems to be about 80 minutes. It was refreshing to see someone of LeAnn’s caliber not short change her fans.

So all in all on a scale of 1-10 I give LeAnn an 11. I truly was impressed and highly recommend seeing her in concert. You will absolutely get your moneys worth and get a great show. LeAnn is a true professional.

Head on over to LeAnn’s website and check out what she’s up to.






View more photos from LeAnn’s concert below.

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