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Talon Knife

Talon Knife..Picture From Talon Website

I was looking for a small, easy to carry, and discreet fixed blade knife. I had recently started walking a lot and was finding myself in more remote areas. I was carrying a pocket clip knife but found it cumbersome to use with one hand. After much searching I came across the Talon Knife. Since it was a more expensive knife in the $60 range I researched and read about the knife and decided to get one. After using the knife for a few weeks I fell in love with it and can’t imagine not having it! I use the Talon knife daily and it is easy, fast, and versatile. Watch my video below to see my thoughts on this great knife. It’s a bit long but I wanted to cover the knife well to help someone decide if it’s the right choice for them

Talon Extra Knife Sheath and Clip

Talon Extra Knife Sheath and Clip

Another thing that I didn’t mention in the video that I feel is a great feature is that the Talon website allows you to purchase extra sheaths and clips for the knife at a great price. This is great if the clip breaks or you want an extra sheath to permanently hook to another piece of gear. For example hook an extra sheath to a bicycle handlebar or motorcycle handlebar. You can then have it in easy reach while riding and simply switch to the sheath hooked to your belt when you get off the bike. I am going to order a couple extra sheaths with clips just for this purpose. This way I can zip tie the knife sheath to a point on my Motorcycle and know it is secure.

As I stated in the video I was pleased with customer service also. I always send an inquiry to check customer service response from a website. I emailed them asking a question about tracking and they responded promptly and friendly within a couple of hours. A+ on customer service. A note on the tracking.. they do not ship with a tracking number to save shipping cost and I don’t think this is an issue. My only recommendation on this would be to include this information in the shipping email so you are aware of this. One other recommendation is the way they word their shipping speed. They say on their website “Talon Knife – Next Day Shipping”. I can see how some people may think this would arrive the next day and I would be surprised if they didn’t get a customer that thought this only to find out it doesn’t arrive the Next Day but ships the Next Day. ¬†I think a better way to phrase it might be “Talon Knife – Ships in 24 hours or less!”

So to reiterate if you are looking for a fixed blade, easy to carry, and easy to deploy knife the Talon Knife fills the bill. The custom fit, the quickness to deploy, the lightweight, and easy one handed use make this a really handy knife. It’s secure in your hand when using and as they advertise it is really hard to drop and leaves your hand free to use a pen and write for example while still holding the knife. I could go on and on about how handy this is. It actually exceeded my expectations.

I can safely say you can order with confidence and will enjoy this knife immensely. As I use the knife longer if I run into any issues I will update this review. Carry and use your knife safely!

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Talon Knife Highly Recommended.

5 Stars. Talon Knife Highly Recommended.




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