Woolx Base Camp Hoodie Review

Disclaimer: I am a Woolx Employee in product testing and development. Part of my job is using the products in day to day use and reporting back to the designers and developers. This is my personal non-work review of the product.


I decided to take a spontaneous motorcycle ride on a Friday afternoon from our Endicott, NY office up through Vermont. When riding on a motorcycle the lighter you pack the better off you are.

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie heading out for trip

Me in my Woolx Base Camp Hoodie heading out for trip

So for this ride I decided to take one shirt, the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie and wear it both days. Now it was an extremely warm day when I left with temps breaking 90 degrees each day. With the leather jacket on in these temps I would put the hoodie to the test.

I started out and decided to avoid the highway as much as possible so a little ways up I88 I exited and took NY Route 7, which runs parallel to I88, all the way up to VT Route 7. I left at about 12:30 PM and the temps where in the low 80’s.

Now most of your Motorcycle packing guides say to take as many synthetics as possible because they pack light and dry fast, which is true. The problem with them though is they can stink to high heaven pretty quick when you sweat in them. Some even get to the point where even if you can launder them on the road it doesn’t remove the smell. It seems it becomes permanent in the fabric.

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie in Cobalt Blue

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie in Cobalt Blue

This lighter weight Woolx gear packs as tightly as synthetics, wrinkles less, dries as fast, and most importantly it does not retain odors. I was about to really put that to the test.

My bright idea of avoiding the highways landed me in some Friday afternoon wall to wall traffic near Albany, NY. With temps now hitting 91 degrees, my full leather coat on, and stop and go traffic moving at a snails pace I was sweating up a storm. At one point my head was sweating so bad it was running into my eyes. So I pulled over, removed my hemet, threw the hood on the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie up on my head and put the helmet back on. Ahhh much better. So far the weight of the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie is really nice on this super hot day.

I break through the traffic finally and Hit Vermont RT 7 and now it is starting to cool down a bit. The Wool does a great job at wicking the sweat from your body so you don’t get that cold feeling as the night cools down. I wind up Route 7 now enjoying the scenery. Storm clouds are chasing me, and I hit some wet roads, but am very lucky and miss the rain…for today. It’s starting to get dark so I see a Days Inn  and decide to call it a day. Time 8:10 PM, miles ridden 305.

Somewhere on RT7 In Vermont

Somewhere on RT7 In Vermont

I peel off my leather for the first time in about 8 hours. The Woolx Base Camp Hoodie is a bit damp with sweat…but you don’t feel it. I pull it off and hang it on the bathroom door while I take  a shower before heading out to grab a quick bite to eat before turning in for the night.

The shower felt great and I go to get dressed and remember I didn’t bring another shirt. I pull down the Woolx and give it a sniff (yeah like you all haven’t done that before) and no odor at all and it is bone dry. I know I am partial to Wool but not many other fabrics could you do this with. Cotton would have been soaked still, and I am sure would have a nice odor to it. I know the synthetic may be dry, but from experience with my Under Amour (which is great stuff by the way also), it would have stunk. Wool just doesn’t hold odors. I head up the road to an Uno’s to grab a bite. Then back to the Motel and call it a night.

Convenient Unloading

Convenient Unloading

I get up early and it had rained during the night but has since stopped. I get packed up, which doesn’t take much because I brought very little, and decide to head a bit further North to the only BMW motorcycle dealer in Vermont before heading back. I pull on my only shirt and head up to Essex Vermont…time…6:50 AM.

After a quick visit at the bike shop I start the long push home. The weather is again looking to push 90 degrees today with the added thrill of a 60% chance of rain. I hit Vermont RT 7 South and sit back and relax for the ride home.

As I approach the Green Mountain National Forest I decide to take a little detour and ride some Fire Roads since so far the weather is holding. I head off into the woods for a nice 20 mile dirt road ride. The temps are in the high 80’s and the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie is doing it’s job. I stop to take some pictures along the way and enjoy the scenery.

Fire Road 71 in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest

Fire Road 71 in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest

Now this road was a little brutal to ride as it was 2″ thick of loose sharp stone. I didn’t have the proper tires on the bike for these road conditions so I really worked up a sweat on this 18 Mile stretch. It took about an Hour and 20 minutes to cover the 18 miles. I pulled over and took off my coat to cool off a bit. Again the Wool works so good at regulating temperature. I hung out by a nice pond for about 15 minutes and I was dry and ready to go!

Pond somewhere in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest

Pond somewhere in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest

So after a nice detour I get back on Vermont RT 7 and decide to take the highway as it’s getting late and I want to arrive home before dark.

The rest of the ride is pretty uneventful and I just focused on getting home. One exception was as I came off I90 to I88 the skies were ominous all around. Until now I avoided rain. That changed fast. I pulled over and put on my rain gear just in the nick of time. I got back on the road with thunder and lightning all around me. I’ll tell you being on a motorcycle in a storm like that is a pretty cool experience. To be out in the open with the lightning all around you while traveling down the road is one of those “close to nature” feelings. It was pretty awesome and once again the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie  was working great.

I now had rain gear on over my leather and in the storm the temps dropped about 20 degrees. As soon as I exited the storm it shot right back up to 85 again. I was now hurrying to get home so didn’t want to stop to shed the rain gear. Besides I may hit more rain so I just left it on. Once again the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie was doing it’s job. Because of the nature of Wool to insulate even when wet I remained completely comfortable through all these temperature changes.

I finally arrive home, back the bike into the garage and shut the bike down…time 7:35 PM…total trip miles for the 2 days 724.3.

724 Miles in 2 Days. Not bad for a spontaneous motorcycle ride!

724 Miles in 2 Days. Not bad for a spontaneous motorcycle ride!

So I rode a bit over 420 miles today. Not a bad day 🙂

I go inside and peel off the Wool Base Camp Hoodie and hang it up. The next morning I give it the sniff test and I could have worn it again no problem. This fabric is fantastic for not holding odor. It passed this stress test!

So my thoughts on the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie:

  1. The weight was perfect in this hot weather. It performed excellent.
  2. I love the thumbholes on this garment! I would like them on all garments but sometimes the designers don’t agree 🙂 They are just so handy when layering. Loop them over your thumb and when pulling on outer layers it keeps the sleeves in place. When wearing gloves it keeps the top sleeves down covering that gap. I love thumbholes!
  3. The hood is perfect for the warmer weather. It’s light and thin and fit under my helmet with no issues. Not loose or baggy. Designers did a good job on the hood.
  4. The length is on the money for me. At 6’2″ I am on the edge. In properly cut garments I do not need a tall size. Again this one gets my approval on length. Right on the money.
  5. As with all Woolx garments there is no itch at all. They do guarantee them to be itch free. If they itch you send them back for a full refund.
  6. Though I didn’t wash this garment on the trip I have washed the 180 g/m2 in the field and they dry overnight. This 160 g/m2 could have been washed in the hotel sink, hung to dry and been ready to go in a few hours. It dries nice and quick and is perfect for long trips where you need to pack light.

Now the 1/4 zipper on the Base Camp Hoodie is a bit longer than I normally see. Not really an issue as I can just zip it up closer and no harm no foul but it is a long zipper. For people who still have hair it is probably a desirable feature. You can unzip it all the way and it does easily pull off and on. It’s really the only thing I notice on it i can criticize  but it’s better long than short. I have had garments with a 1/4 zipper that is to short and they are worthless.

So all in all the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie is a winner! This October I am going to do another trip up through the Vermont and New Hampshire area and will be testing out the heavyweight stuff.

Until then get up and get outside! With the proper gear the weather is not an excuse!





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